Why Relocations Fail

Corporate Relocations are on the rise for 2020 with new business growth, talent retention, meeting business objectives and the list goes on.  Businesses see value in sending an established employee to fill a crucial position and these moves from city to city or country to country are costly, but important.  Some of these relocations will fail…let’s look at why.  

One of the top reasons that relocations fail is the transferee’s partner does not feel settled, supported or happy in the new location.  This could range from the inability to find work, not knowing the language, culture shock, isolation, difficulties in buying groceries or not understanding the host countries transportation.  It is critical to engage in understanding the transferee and their partner to offer proactive care.  Taking care of the soft issues which create connection in their new city, will produce an employee who is ready to engage successfully into his or her new role. 

Families moving with children is a whole new dimension to corporate relocation because safety in settling their kids is paramount to parents.  For students to be placed into good schools, knowledge of the school system, school zones and protocol is key.  The extra-curricular interests of kids need to be addressed with connections to sports teams, music programs and other activities.  Young children will require daycare or families may wish to live near playgrounds, libraries or parks.  Your employee will thrive making these decisions with local support and specialized services.   

Finally, language and cultural training is a simple resource which can create a smooth transition experience for your transferee and their family if they are coming to Winnipeg from another country.  Strong language skills are critical for most jobs and will allow your transferee to thrive in their new community.  Cultural training for your employee will allow them to adapt to working with colleagues in their new country and, for their family, it will reduce stress in learning about their new way of life. 

Enough about why relocations fail, how will you help them succeed?  Have Prairie Relocation take care of the soft issues surrounding employee relocation.  As an employer you have spent a great deal of money and time to move your employee to Winnipeg, let’s create personal solutions to take care of your human investment.  Prairie Relocation is a small, local business who thrives on bringing employees and clients to Winnipeg.  The details.  The preparation.  The care.  The organization.  The personal welcome.  It’s what we do! 

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