Welcome to Winnipeg!

Welcome to our first Prairie Relocation Blog, we are so glad you have checked us out! We are a boutique relocation company offering exceptional destination and lifestyle services for your move to Winnipeg. This blog will offer insight into the process of relocation, Winnipeg favorites, upcoming events and other helpful pieces of advice in moving to and living in Winnipeg.

But first, a photo worth 1000 words, especially to those of you about to make a move from one locale to another! Our family took an expat relocation to Memphis, TN a few years back. In this photo, you see our kids watch with anticipation as our household goods were delivered to our new home.

Things are, well, changing…

Behind the camera what you don’t see is my husband and myself feeling the whole range of emotions from anticipation and excitement to overwhelming fear of the unknown. There were so many things to do and decisions to be made, our heads were spinning. It felt like we were on a rollercoaster and it was moving fast.

  • How do we choose a good, safe school for our kids to learn and grow?   
  • What about setting up utilities, garbage pick-up, cable and internet?   
  • How do we obtain a Social Security card (SIN in Canada)? 
  • Where do we acquire a state license and vehicle insurance? 
  • Where should we set up local banking services and house insurance?   
  • Library, grocery store, church, doctors, dentists, health club, music lessons, sports and recreation activities?   

There is a lot to navigate when moving your life to an unfamiliar city while a new job is demanding your attention. The to-do list is endless and overwhelming. Prairie Relocation is here to assist you in destination and lifestyle services by setting up a custom plan for you which will organize the details and guide you through a smooth relocation to Winnipeg. Think of us as the SIRI to your move. Ask the questions and we’ll find the answers. You will be blown away by our hospitality and commitment to going extra mile in serving you. We are driven to ensure you settle in the right neighbourhood and schools, along with lifestyle connections, which will allow you and your family to thrive. Welcome to Winnipeg! Check out our website and contact us today!

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